Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I. Order

  1.You can order

       - Via the eshop
         Registration is not required        
       - By E-mail
          Fill out  our online electronic order form, or send an email to our email address
        - By Phone
          Call us direct to place your order. Our phone number is available on our Contacts page on our website. To avoid any misunderstandings, we will send you an email to confirm your order in writing.

2.Order Confirmation

  The contract is based on the sale of goods between the buyer and seller. The contract is valid when the order has been confirmed by the buyer to the seller.


II.Terms for delivery


In regards to custom-made orders, all documents such as samples, drawings, sketches and such regarding our products cannot be used for other purposes or provided to third parties without our written consent. All documentation is the property of the seller. The customer is responsible for failing to oblige to these conditions.

    Standard delivery time is 3 - 4 weeks after the order has been confirmed.. Special orders require longer delivery terms. These dates of delivery regarding special orders will be discussed with the customer in advance.


3. Delivery

The manufacturer is responsible for the goods when they pass into the hands of the buyer by a shipping service. Goods are insured against damages by the carrier. In cases when the product is damaged by the shipping service, the goods will be replaced by the seller when the damaged goods are returned to the buyer by the seller. All additional costs will be paid by the seller.

4. Prices

The current price list of our products, including products on request is valid. Prices for special orders will be discuss and be subject for approval by the buyer.

5. Packaging

The price includes packaging, materials required for assembly (dowels, screws, brackets, etc. ...) and any preparations needed for shipment.

6. Postage

  The price of postage depends on weight and charge for delivery. The price of postage is available in the section  Price list.


7. Terms of payment

CZ and SK: a) cash on delivery
                      b) Payments are to be made in cash or by bank transfer, unless
                         agreed upon beforehand
 Ownership of goods are passed on to the customer when amount of the order is paid to the seller in full. A deposit may be required in the case of special orders, unless agreed upon otherwise.

PL, EU : By bank transfer. Payment must be credited to the account on the day the goods are shipped. Before payment, the seller will send out an the invoice together with  photos of  the ordered goods.
A deposit may be required in the case of special orders, unless agreed upon otherwise.



8. Liability for damage

Complaints concerning visible defects on all products shipped out must be sent back within 5 days after delivery. Within 24 hours you will receive a response from us. During this time goods cannot be returned. Goods will be exchanged on condition that the claim is recognized and the goods are returned in their original condition. All costs are paid by the seller.

9. Validity

All price lists and articles published on our website are valid and current.

10. Legal Affairs

Unless otherwise stated, all matters are governed by Czech law and commercial law. Copying and imitating our products is prohibited and shall be governed by the laws in force in the Czech Republic and the EU. All models are patent protected.

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