Aluminium door covers and frames for gas and electricity meters – Questions and answers


How long will it také to process my order ?

Gas and electrical door covers will be sent out no later than 4 weeks after we receieve your order.

Can I place my order by phone or email ?

Yes, both ways are possible. A confirmation email is also sent out after receiving phone orders as well, just to double check that we got your order right.

Is it possible to make a special request regarding door covers ?

Yes. If it is possible for us to fulfill your request, we will be happy to oblige.

Can I simply order a flat frame for the gas and electric panel ?

Yes, of course. Instead of an „L“- shaped frame, we can send you a flat frame  that  can mount directly to the panel, and comes complete with decorative plugs for covering the screws.

Can I order only the door panel?

Yes, you can. We only need a detailed description of your frame and where exactly the hinges are located.

Can I order a left-opening or right-opening door panel for my gas or electricity meter?

Yes, of course. Simply just let us know which one you prefer when placing your order.

 Can I order an extra drip edge on the frame?

Yes, you can. Simply mention this request when placing your order.


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