Aluminium door covers and frames

Hand-made aluminum door covers and frames  for gas and meter boxes and station with ornamentation.

          Dvířka na přání - ukázka       Dvířka na přáni - ukázka 

                 Dvířka na přání - ukázka            Dvířka na přáni - ukázka           

Product description:

Ornamental aluminum door covers and  frames  are lockable, come with a heavy duty key, and are weather resistant. The shape can be square or rectangular.

Frame L35 -   is screwed directly into the wall around the meter box. A metal strip is welded to the inside between the joints to completely seal the cover at frame for eletric meter box.

Colour:  see  Colour samples

Product variants:

                                                    Square  X, XL, XXL

                          shape :  square

                    Aluminium door Square GAS   Aluminium door Square

                                      Dimension           Name           Price incl. VAT

                                        40 x 40 cm           X                   188 Eur incl.VAT
                                        50 x 50 cm           XL                 204 Eur incl. VAT
                                        60 x 60 cm          XXL               212 Eur incl.VAT


                                                                              Arch  X, XL, XXL

                                      shape: square with arch

                       Aluminium door Arch GAS    Aluminium door Arch


                                     Dimension           Name           Price incl.VAT
                                 40 x 40 cm           X                      200 Eur incl.VAT
                                 50 x 50 cm          XL                     212 Eur incl.VAT
                                 60 x 60 cm         XXL                   223 Eur incl.VAT 


 Products on request:

more offered requirements :  

     - ornament "crown" (+ 10 €)
     - ornament "lion"   (+ 14 €)
     -  your own custom ornament (+ 39 €)
     - 2 borders around the cover (+ 24 €)
     - diamonds - ornaments around the edges (+ 24 €)
     - window with frame (+ 47 €)
     - custom shape and size (price is mutually agreed)

Please specify your order or requirements our email or contact form

Aluminium door covers and frames for meter boxes, on request - preview

                   Aluminium door, on request                  Aluminium door, on request


                Aluminium door, on request                Aluminium door, on request

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