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Allami is a family-owned business which produces original hand-cast aluminum products such as mailboxes, house number and door plaques, doorbells, various home and garden accessories, ornamental dog plaques, covers for gas and electricity panals, other art and decorative products, and of course special orders by customer request.

All our products are hand-cast, continuing the historical tradition of hand-made products and handicrafts in our area. They are vintage-looking, long-lasting quality products, patinated by hand, each one unique from the next. Any of our products can be custom-made according to the exact needs and wishes of our customers.

Industrial casting - Producing aluminum castings

We produce two kinds of industrial casting :

  • Via metal molding, up to a maximum of 4 kg
  • and hand molding via sand casting, up to a maximum of 5 kg

We can produce, including even test casting, orders starting from a single piece.

Castings are made according to ISO 424331, BS 424330 and DIN 226 standards, and come with all relevant certification.

Models can be provided in according to our or any provided drawings and documentation.

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ALLAMI - Safe online shopping, a guarantee of quality, and risk-free buying. All of our products come with a 14-day money back guarantee upon delivery.

Mailboxes Solid

On request

Only through us can you order an product on request. Each one of  our products are original !

Mailbox on request

Mailboxes Royal High


We offer a wide range of quality paints, the best quality patinas and a special surface finish that gaurantees the longevity and durability of all Allami products.

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